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Original Handcrafted functional and artfull Pottery and fused Glass

Functional pottery, wall art, fused glass and metal art

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Our photo gallery of our work is a small sampling of our handcrafted pottery and fused glass. Our ceramic pieces are all original handmade, wheel thrown or slab built with our own glazes and some commercial glazes. Most of our pottery is fired to cone 5/6 with a small amount to cone 10.

Our fused glass includes a variety of functional plated and dishes as well as wall art and jewelry. Please visit our gallery again for new items.

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Large bowl with unique batik glazeLarge fan bowl with bilve and red brown glazeLarge wheel thrown bowl with latered glazes <HOME
Large shallow bowl brick red and brownLarge bowl witjh layerd glazes green and brown blackSmall saki cups ot toothpick holders
Nice pitcher with glossy glaze and metal handleLarge bowl wheel thrown with tand and brown glazesLarge bowl layered glaze NEXT >
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